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Back in 2014 when I was starting up my first business, Wollongong Lifestyle Magazine, my father sent me an article written by an Army General with the message ‘Make your bed’. The article was titled ‘10 things you should always do in the morning’, among those 10 things was the point to make your bed every morning.

I appreciated the article and made the insincere promise to myself that I was going to do it. Although it’s such a small task it took about a week until I stopped. Why? For one I had no motivation and two,  I didn’t understand why I was doing it.

Going through school and living at home you’re constantly told what to do. Whether it’s by your parents, a teacher or whoever, anyone who holds any form of bedroom-window-1434067_1920authority seems to be constantly telling you what to do.

When you’re young people don’t really tell you why they have asked you to do something, it’s just expected. I think thats partly because they don’t really understand why, it’s just what they were told as kids. It wasn’t until this year that I understood why I was making my bed. When I finally made the decision to do it for myself, not someone else.

There’s two main reasons why making your bed is important (as mentioned in the below video):

The first reason for making your bed every day is a simple one. If you have a shitty day, if everything goes wrong, you can always count on having a nice, neat bed to climb into at night.

The next is PRIDE.

How do you want to be seen? Who do you want to be? Do you want to be seen as an unmotivated slop or someone who has pride in themselves?

It all starts with how you act when people can’t see you. The way I think of it is, how can I expect to go anywhere in life if even the simplest of task are to hard for me to do?

I can’t!

The ‘making your bed’ metaphor strings to so much more than just making your bed as it needs to be applied to every aspect of your life. Both when you’re alone and in public.

Do your hair, dress nicely in public, clean your car, stand tall, walk with confidence – who do you want to be?


The image you show others is a clear indication of how you see yourself. If you’re giving the impression that you have no respect for yourself then that’s how you’re going to be treated.

Since the beginning of 2017, I have gotten to a stage where I can see myself in 3 years time, where I have successfully started up my business. I’m at a stage where I’m not wishing for it but I’m excited for when it happens. One of the many things that got me here is I started to take more pride in everything I did. I started dressing nicely (even if I was just going down the street), bare feet are out, messy hair is out and my bed will always be made. Even by making these small changes my confidence grew and by growing my confidence so did my belief that I was going to do something bigger.

While these small things seem easy enough, at the beginning you will actually struggle with staying dedicated to achieve these tasks. You’ll find yourself saying ‘I can do it later’ and as soon as you hear that voice it’s time to get moving. You will get better at it, coming to a stage where you have arguments with yourself until you do it. Then, eventually, it will come naturally.

Once you have read this go and write down a list of things to remember daily and keep it somewhere where you’re going to see it often. Then make a habit of reading it every single morning and eventually it will become second nature. It’s important to remember that the list is useless unless you stick to it. So make sure you do this daily and of course act on the items on your list.

You’ll be amazed at the changes, not only in how you see yourself but how others see and treat you.

Once you have done this – make sure you send me an email at or comment on how things have changed for you!

You can also view a video on ‘making your bed’ here

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17 thoughts on “Make Your Bed

  1. I really enjoy your content and the look of your site. I totally agree that making your bed is imortant. Having small wins each day ensures we are moving towards are larger goals that may be 3-10 years away. Keep up the great work.


  2. It’s that old saying “the way you do one thing is the way you do everything”. If your private life is messy there is a good chance your business, career etc will be the same.

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  3. While I don’t necessarily think it’s important to make your bed, I do understand the point you’re making. Nothing will change until the energy surrounding and in you changes. Taking pride in who you are and what you do is one way to start that process.


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