Look Straight Ahead


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You’re never going to reach your goal if you don’t make sacrifices.

Not small sacrifices but big, life changing sacrifices that will ultimately put you closer to your goals.

In my previous post I spoke about distractions. There’s so many distractions for someone in their 20’s. Social life, relationships, movies, mobile phones, they’re everywhere!

Sacrifice is about eliminating these distractions.


In 2016, my life was full of distractions. I would go out all weekend, every weekend without fail. At the time that’s what I considered important. I sacrificed getting ahead in life so I could focus purely on my social life. Spending all weekend either broke, hung over or out partying.

Work days were thrown away as well. The time between getting home and going to sleep, time that could have been spent working towards a goal was wasted. From the minute I got home to when I fell asleep was spent watching movies, playing games or basically anything but being productive.

I knew I wanted to change. I knew I wanted to achieve something greater in life but I wasn’t willing to make the sacrifices needed. For years I promised myself I would change, I promised I would save, work harder, do something big. I naively thought this was enough, that wishing for it would make it come but to my surprise it didn’t. In fact, I began to realise that kind of thinking only gets you further and further away.

This year I made a decision.

A decision to change for the better and to achieve my goals.

How did I do that? I made sacrifices, I put my goals before everything. My goals needed to become my number one priority.

I had to give up weekends. I had to give up relaxing days at home. I had to give up parties, friends, relationships, sleep ins. I had to make big sacrifices to begin my journey. I’m nowhere near achieving my goals but I can see them. Once you remove the distractions it becomes much clearer where you need to go and what needs to get sacrificed.

How can you expect to achieve your goals if you’re only putting in 50%? You can’t! You won’t achieve your goals if they’re sharing your focus with other priorities. Even if you’re putting in 90% effort, that’s not enough, you have to put in 100% in order to achieve.

The way Mark Cuban puts it is “Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you”. What he’s saying is no matter what, never stop running after your goals. The second you stop, someone or something will catch up to you and eventually, take over. I had never heard this quote until recently and it has stuck in my head ever since. This quote along with a burning desire to accomplish my goals, make up some of the reasons why I keep pushing everyday.

I’m not saying that it’s easy, in fact it’s hard, really hard, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. Essentially your goals need to become all you focus on. You will start to lose friends, you’ll have no social life, you won’t have time for a relationship, movies and down time are out and you’ll be fully aware that these things are happening during your journey. That’s just the sacrifice you have to make. You’ll have to make a choice – your success or everything else.

As I mentioned in Already there, you have to constantly remind yourself of your goals so they will, in time, turn into burning desires. I make sure that I read my goals every morning and every night. I also have them written on a card in my wallet, so every time I open my wallet I’m reminded of my goals.

To eliminate distractions and focus on my goals I stick to an old technique – filling out a weekly planner that tells me what I’m meant to be doing during any given hour. Anything not on this planner is irrelevant and doesn’t get done. This works really well for me as it keeps me on the right path, I suggest you try it to. Just remember that it doesn’t work if you don’t stick to it. You have to have discipline.

I know this method seems pretty extreme and is only my view on the matter, but my thinking is I can’t expect my burning desire to unfold if I don’t make sacrifices. I believe that in order to achieve, you have to put in 100% of your effort all the time.

As always I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Make sure you let me know by emailing me at newbarriers@gmail.com or commenting.

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3 thoughts on “Look Straight Ahead

  1. Recognizing the matter is half the challenge. Rising to meet that challenge head on is one quarter of the way further. Sacrifice is key. Nothing worth doing gets done without mortifying the indulgence of self. Your article has value. Your vision is on the mark. There is only one small element unaccounted for.

    One suggestion: Don’t neglect to realize there are weightier matters often set aside that should be factored into the equation of any effort. Success does come through sacrifice. No two ways about this. However, mistakes have the power to mold themselves out of the act of plunging into waters that have the capacity to overwhelm. Time is ethereal, but solid. No one can turn back the hands of this invisible yet intensely tangible essence. Using time wisely is a treasure one should keep well protected.

    None of us is promised tomorrow. Today is truly a gift. For some the present will be all there is. Success comes in many forms. Think it over.

    I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you.


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