Useful Links


Think and grow Rich – This book changed my life. It you read only one more book in your life, this is it. It guides you through 13 steps to success and, if followed, will guarantee you will achieve your goals.

Creativity, Inc – A book about the history of Pixar while doubling as a business book. This book is a must read for people aspiring to start their own company.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – For anyone looking to get ahead in life, this book will help you learn how to get what you want using communication and human interaction.

The Facebook Effect – This one is a favourite, it shows you that you can start a successful business at any age.


Business Insider – Business Insider Australia is the Australian edition of the world’s fastest-growing business news website.

Forbes – World business news and really helpful tips on almost every subject.


Bob Proctor – If you’re going to use anyone’s techniques to guide you to success, use Bob Proctors.

Dr. Eric Thomas –  My current favourite motivational speaker. He speaks with so much passion, having lived on the streets and built from there up. He’s one I recommend listening to.

Tai Lopez –  Despite what you might think, it’s not a scam. In fact, his 67 step program is incredibly helpful.

Tony Robbins – An amazing motivational speaker who I always use as guidance.

Les Brown – Les Brown is one of the world’s most influential people and a great speaker.



Acorns AU – The best micro investing platform on the market.

Fiverr – Get any sort of design work done for around $5 an hour.